The vodka will continue to flow thru MARCH 4TH with DRUNKLE VANYA at TOLSTOY’S LOUNGE!

Three Day Hangover’s daring adaptation of Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya, is extending through March 4.  The six-character interactive and immersive production, in which the audience literally melts into the furniture of the decadently appointed Tolstoy’s Lounge, started an 8-week run on November 10, and has now added eight more weeks through March 4. 

In Drunkle Vanya, relationships are ruined, sadness is buried, and lives are forever destroyed amidst the indiscriminate consumption of alcohol.  Springing from this deeply empathetic reading of Chekhov’s classic, Drunkle Vanya tells the juicy story of lost youth and unrequited love as if it were suspended in time between then and now.  Mixing modern references with Chekhov’s story and language, and incorporating the audience in a series of ridiculous drinking games, this is probably the funniest production of Chekhov you’ll ever witness.  Still you will probably go home deeply moved.

Drunkle Vanya, in the Russian Samovar’s decadently appointed Tolstoy’s Lounge performs on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, all at 7:30pm through March 4.  (No performances on Sat Feb 4, and Thur Feb 16.)

The Off-Broadway opening is on Friday February 3.

There is a full bar and small plates of Russian delicacies curated by Russian Samovar throughout the performance. Customize your experience by choosing your class — Imperial Family (open bar, fine food); Aristocracy (infused vodka, fine food); Bourgeoisie (shot and a nibble), or Proletariat (you get a shot). 

Seating is limited so get your tickets now!