Isn’t Shakespeare, like, really long and hard to understand and stuff?

Perhaps some productions of Shakespeare’s plays are long and hard to understand and stuff, but OUR productions most certainly are not.   Our productions feel fast and fun.  We bring these great stories to life in ways that are vibrant, unexpected and also very clear.  We think Shakespeare’s characters and language are unforgettable and speak to folks in every age…and we pride ourselves on proving that belief with every project.


What does “immersive” mean?

Every production we do will be a little different, but basically it means we treat our audiences as more than mere spectators.  Audience members are encouraged to participate in the story as it unfolds at the bar. Sometimes that means actors will talk to you, or drink with you, or dance with you. Sometimes that means you’ll be encouraged to move around during performances.  Sometimes that means you’ll get to act out a role in the play! At the end of the day, how much or little you participate is up to you, but we do hope you’ll let yourself give in to the fun and energy of this shared experience.


I’m under 21 or I don’t like to drink or I’m really hung over and probably shouldn’t drink tonight. Is that okay?

Young one, since we’re performing in bars and there is beer all around, our events are 21 and over.  Come and hang out with us in a few years!

For those of you who are not drinkers, that’s totally okay!  You’re more than welcome to enjoy our productions sober.

For those of you who are hung over, we feel you.  If a little hair of the dog won’t cure what ails you then by all means, take it easy at the show.

Do you ever produce plays by folks other than Shakespeare?

Hell yeah! We’ve branched out and added a little vodka to the mix with Anton Chekhov, we got down with Bram Stoker and his booze filled blood, and definitely needed a drink after talking politics and family with Moliére. We’re all about classic stories told in reimagined and exciting ways!

This is AWESOME! How do I get involved?

We’re glad you’re excited! Sign up for our mailing list so we can keep you in the loop about what we’re up to.

The best way to get involved is to come to a show and hang out with us afterward.  Have a beer! Tell us about yourself!  Also, feel free to send us your your headshot, résumé, interests, etc.  We’ll add you to our database.

Where did your company name come from?

THREE DAY HANGOVER refers to the fact that we, the three founders, still like to go out and let loose from time to time, but our way-not-in-college-anymore bodies have started paying a higher price for all that fun come morning…and the next…and sometimes even the morning after that.