Three Day Hangover is featured in The Wall Street Journal!

"The Bard-in-bar boom comes at a time when prices for Broadway tickets regularly exceed $100. In contrast, it cost only $15 to see Three Day Hangover's production of "Twelfth Night, or Sir Toby Belch's Lonely Hearts Club Cabaret" at McGee's Restaurant and Pub just north of Times Square. And for that price, patrons could potentially sing a karaoke song with the actors." Read more...


Seeing Hamlet With a Twist or Even a Raised Mug

"During my fifth beer, “The Hamlet Project” got even funnier. That’s impressive considering the show, billed as a theatrical drinking event, was already amusing during beers one through four."

"the cast members’ energy is infectious..." 

"the show even offers insights into the text..."

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Feel the Truffe: Three Day Hangover Adapts Tartuffe

"I mean this with no hyperbole: more Three Day Hangover has the power to change the world." Read more...

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"The cast of Twelfth Night is an energetic and dedicated bunch, driving each character with such fervor that there’s never time for a dull moment." 

"I think Shakespeare would be quite pleased."


“…Star-Cross’d Death Match” is probably the funnest night you’ll have at the theater for a long time. In fact, it’s more like a frat party than traditional theater."

"The poetry was as lovely as ever, but almost more impressive, the word play and bawdy humor were actually communicated, and elicited riotous laughter. These are really good actors performing Shakespeare really well in a crazy, fun, highly accessible setting."

"Three Day Hangover has actually done something rather brilliant – they’ve created a production of “Romeo and Juliet” that is probably about as close as you could get to the experience of Shakespeare’s original audience. In essence, this is one of the smartest productions of a Shakespeare play I’ve ever seen...GO SEE THIS SHOW AS FAST AS YOU CAN."

Three Day Hangover is featured in The New Yorker!

"Since 2013, Hudson and his colleagues have performed textually divergent interpretations of “Hamlet” and “Romeo and Juliet,” not behind a prissy proscenium but in the differently challenging arena of a crowded bar." Read more...


Get Thee to a Drinkery

"By the final scene on Monday, about 50 audience members were standing and cheering, surrounded by empty pitchers, shot glasses and cups of sangria."

"A return to the days of the groundlings" 

"I drank along with every boozy cue, and felt quite the midsummer night’s drunk by the end." Read more...

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“Hank V” is a Victory for Shakespeare Lovers and Newbies Alike

Three Day Hangover shows just how much of a living, breathing text this classic play can be, and then go about rejuvenating them with their special brand of (alcoholic) elixir. Read more...

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Drunkle Vanya Passionate, Poignant, Downright Hysterical

"Drunkle Vanya is everything you always wanted in Russian literature but were afraid to ask." Read more...


A More Engaging Romeo and Juliet, 3 Blocks from Broadway's in R+J: STAR-CROSS'D DEATH MATCH

"an INVENTIVE PRODUCTION of Shakespeare's play that arguably is closer to the experience that the Bard's contemporary audiences had - ROWDY, BAWDY, FUN, but still capturing the meaning and feeling and language of the text" Read more...


3DH featuerd in New York Theatre Magazine!

"Amid all this Shakespearean sound and fury, Three Day Hangover has managed to gain attention with their two sold-out and extended adaptations. They are now planning their first full season, with four more of Shakespeare’s plays and one by Chekhov—all, they hope, involving drinking in bars." Read more...


"Sensitive acting mixed with superior displays of improv and hilarious audience participation make Drunkle Vanya an immersive delight." Read more...


REVIEW: ‘Tartuffe,’ Presented by Three Day Hangover

"Anybody that can get you happily talking about those taboos of religion and politics (while under the influence no less) deserves some type of medal." Read more...


DRUNKLE VANYA by Three Day Hangover, Don't Miss It!

"Whether you are a theater enthusiast, wholly familiar with Chekhov's plays, or encountering his work for the first time, you will enjoy a night with Drunkle Vanya."

"Even with humorous interludes like Vanya "getting iced" or Waffle's kazoo accompaniment, Chekhov's drama is wholly intact, a powerful human experience." Read more...

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"The cast of The HAMLET Project is so much fun, they each give performances that are truthful and nuanced while also managing to have the audience spilling their beer in laughter."

"Three Day Hangover really nailed this one."