R+J: Star-Cross'd Death Match   

By William Shakespeare | Directed by Lori Wolter Hudson

R+J Postcard.jpg


Nick Mills* as Romeo


Suzy Jane Hunt* as Juliet

Also FeaturinG

Garrett Deagon as Friar/Abrams

David Hudson* as Prince/Flip Master

Jenna Panther* as Mercutio/Montague

Paul Kite* as Nurse/Sampson

Grace Gealey* as Tybalt

Brendan Spieth* as Lord & Lady Capulet

Titus Tompkins* as Soundpost

Mark Watson* as Benvolio


R+J Extension Cast Featured

Joel Rainwater* as Nurse/Sampson

Taylor Shurte* as Tybalt


Co-Adapted by Ben Charles & Lori Wolter Hudson

Music by Phil Pickens & Titus Tompkins

Choreography by Brendan Spieth

Assistant Directed by Olivia Songer


*Actor is appearing courtesy of Actors' Equity Association in an Equity approved showcase.

This highly immersive production of Romeo & Juliet places the audience right in the middle of Shakespeare's most famous family feud. When the Montagues and Capulets break from ancient grudge to new mutiny, spectators must pick a side in the fight! Watch your back and fall in love in an evening of rivalry, romance and rockin' drink specials.