Based on the Play by Molière | Conceived and Directed by Beth Gardiner | Adapted by Jake Brandman

Tartuffe Postcard.jpg


Jose Cagigal as Val

Dustin Charles* as Clint

Leah Gabriel as Doreen

Dillon Heape* as Mrs. Pernelle

Carol Linnea Johnson* as Olga

Dan Morrison* as David

Tom Schwans* as Tartuffe

Abbey Siegworth* as Mary

Sean Tarrant* as Elmer


Stage Manged by Christine Zagrobelny

Sound Design by Paul Kite

Costume Design by Caitlin Cisek

Graphic Design by Ligature Creative

 Press Representation by Dan Fortune/Fortune Creative 


*Actor is appearing courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association in an Equity approved showcase.

Three Day Hangover is jumping into politics and our candidate to watch this November is TARTUFFE. We’re reimagining Molière's searing comedy of hypocrites and heathens for our modern age and nothing brings out the best kind of worst in people like a U.S. Senate race. Coming at you from the left and the right, this fast-paced dysfunctional family farce will be anything but politically correct as we roast and toast American politics as unusual.